Vegan BBQ “pork”

It’s been awhile since i posted last. I have had zero time for life lately. I snapped a quick photo of my jackfruit BBQ cooking today and a friend asked for my recipe. AS one who looks up recipes on the internet, reads them ...Read More

Saving money the easy way!

I just sat down with my cup of coffee after straightening up the kitchen to write a post about how I save money. I opened up the blog and found the last draft I didn’t finish was one for a post pretty much about just ...Read More

French Lentil Soup

This was a simple, quick to make soup that everyone enjoyed! Hubby & Cole thought maybe it could use a little heat/spice but I liked it as is. Hunter had multiple bowls. We had enough for one leftover meal. It was a bit thick ...Read More

Homemade Sun Butter (nut-free)

So while my kids adore anything peanut butter, Owen has had a child in his class with severe allergies for going on his 3rd year (plus the whole preschool was nut-free). Well, he misses peanut butter sandwiches, as does the mom who makes their ...Read More

Road Trip 2015: Day 10

We left our hotel and on our way to Indiana. Seeing lots of yummy looking farmstands, we decided to stop and this one had a giant peach. We pulled into the Big Peach farm stand and they had some great stuff in there. Unfortunately, ...Read More