Oh, yeah. I went there. 

Back in NYC, there is this cool, really popular place called Peanut Butter & Co. It’s on Sullivan Street (if ya care). They are a sandwich shop that serves, yup! you guessed it!, peanut butter sandwiches. All different kinds! All homemade peanut butters. They got so popular they started selling their peanut butter jars nationwide. Go look in Walmart. Top shelf of the peanut butters you will find them! Anyway, they have this one kind that I kinda really dig – Dark Chocolate Dreams. Thing is I dont like ‘dark” chocolate and well, it’s pricey as you’d imagine it’d be.
Thanks to Pinterest, I’ve noticed ways to make things at home that’d I never try. Like taking the idea for Biscoff Butter (it’s like peanut butter but made with Biscoff cookies!!!) and making an Oreo butter. Ideas are all over the place!

I totally adore fresh ground honey roasted peanut butter. So when I went to Whole Foods today (to get soap for my homemade laundry soap), I got some fresh ground, plain roasted peanuts. I got 3/4 container (probably about equal poundage).

I added that to my food processor and let it whirl. And whirl. And whirl some more. You let it go until it’s very liquidy.. about 5 minutes. Then I added 1/3 cup Hershey’s Cocoa Powder, 1 cup (about) of Domino’s Powdered Sugar, about 1/4 teaspoon salt, and between 3-4 tablespoons of veggie oil drizzled in to make it the right consistency. 

It’s that simple! OC tried it and loved it and i know when HT get’s his mouth around that sandwich tomorrow, he’ll be hooked! It’s not super chocolaty b you can adjust the taste for you which is why this is such a great idea!

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