Cracker Brei?

Yeah, t’s me again with another weird recipe. I grew up on Long Island. I grew up in in a community that was about half Jewish. So what you say? That means I got exposed to some awesome food. Fresh, real Jewish cooking. I love Hamantaschen. I crave Matzoh Balls. I love Challah Rolls with Cream cheese. I love fresh Halvah. My favorite food of all time is Potato Latkes (especially my mom’s). Sweet Blintzes are heavenly. I can go on and on. This also gave me a larger scope of recipes in my internal database. 

Enter Matzo Brei. Matzo is flat unleavened bread. It’s close to an unsalted cracker for lack of a better description. I LOVE matzoh. I know I’m weird. I get told that by most Jewish people who get sick of eating matzoh. Me? Never sick. To make matzo brei, you basically break the matzoh into smaller pieces (they come in a giant square like 8″x8″), dip & slightly soak the matzoh in an egg mixture like one used in french toast, then pan fried. It can be savory or sweet. If you know me, you should know I’d prefer it sweet. 

Down here in the south, not only is it not easy/common to find matzoh, but when you do, it’s expensive. Same brand, same size is more than a dollar more here and NEVER goes on sale. In NY, near Passover you could get a triple pack for about the price of a single box here. Well, I get Matzo Brei cravings. I had one today after I made my son French Toast Waffles. I instead busted out some saltines. With the remainder of the egg mixture, I took a handful of slightly broken saltines and added them in and let sit for a minute or two. I added them to a frying pan with a decent pat of butter. Cook similar to the way you cook scrambled eggs. When the cracker mix is just about finished cooking, add another pat of butter along with 1-2 tablespoons of granulated sugar. Cook until it gets all caramelized. OMG! Seriously, this is one of my  major weaknesses. NO on in this house can understand my love for this stuff. Matzo Brei is sweet, hot, savory, comforting, simple… sheer perfection. My cracker version was pretty awesome if I do say so. 



Cracker Brei? OMG!

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  1. February 25, 2013

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