Monthly Archive:: May 2013

Geekin’ Out!

Tonight I am fortunate enough to be going with my husband, kids and parents to the new PDQ that opens on June 2nd. Tom & I both won chances to get a sneak peek inside, a tour, and free food. My kids have been ...Read More

TACO CHILI: Freeze Ahead

I am blessed to have been given the talent of baking and cooking. I can make just about anything taste good and be able to create my own recipes with amazing results. I know my stuff is good so when someone wants to make ...Read More

Sprite Cupcakes

Sprite cupcakes. That’s right! A luscious, fresh lemon-lime cupcake… Topped with a fizzy lemon-lime buttercream… Decorated with candied lime and lemon zest and candy pearls. Made for a client so not all that healthy but uber yummy! ...Read More

She’s telling me to “Be Celery”?!?!

 Tell me this isn’t just beautiful! It’s no flower. Nothing “special.” Just cut celery. I saw it and had to snap a picture – unedited in any way. Just there on my counter. It reminds me of God’s love. I know y’all are wondering how. Think of a ...Read More

I’mmmm Baaaaaaa-Ackkkkk!

With kids being tracked out for a month then tracking into 2 birthdays and a graduation, I’ve been a bit preoccupied.  BE WARNED! Now that 2 of 3 kids are back in school, I’m back to being able to post to FoodGeekMom. I never stopped thinking ...Read More

Mama Drama: Poor Kid #3

I’m the youngest. My kids are the youngest. My parents have 9 grandkids. My in-law has my 3.  For my nephew, my 1st biological nephew (or niece) had it all. On his 1st day of preschool, there were more than 10 people at his ...Read More