What a Real Mom Wants for Mother’s Day.

Well, I have been on holiday for a bit. When my boys track-out, I have way less “me” time which means less blogging time. This track-out was (and still is since they go back May 13th) for 4 weeks. Anyway, I gladly clicked on a FB link for Ten things I really F’ing want for Mother’s Day but found it severely lacking, not at all funny, and very untrue. Now if you know me, you know my kids get on my nerves. I am a stay-at-home-mom and i rarely get time apart from my kidlets. I’m the first to comment on getting away from them but Mother’s Day is just that. Anyway, I made my own list of  Things I Really want for Mother’s Day. Keep in mind my kids are older now at 9, 7, & 5 (older 2 turn those ages on the 18th & 22nd) and I only came up with 8. These are tried & true things I want year after year, of course there are things I actually want the differ each year but these just hold true.

For Mother’s Day I want….

  1. To not clean! Dont cook for me unless you plan to clean up every single utensil and run the dishwasher. Dont bring home food and leave it strewn around. Vacuum, put your clothes in the hamper, put your shoes away, and please keep your rooms clean. It’s seriously such an easy thing but ONE DAY that I dont have to clean (and not be behind because I didnt do it for a day) would be amazing.
  2. To sleep in. This doesnt mean forever, but an effort to be up before me and make sure i’m not woken up by a kid screaming/crying fight would be nice. The fact is, we leave for church every Sunday at 8:30am so there isn’t much “sleep-in” time anyway – I just want the time before we leave to be peaceful so get the kids fed & dressed.
  3. You to make the decisions. I want a stress-free day so you make the plans and let me just enjoy them.
  4. Thoughtful stuff. Dont take the kids out the day before or day of and hand me a gift. You know exactly when Mother’s Day is so please use your brain and think of something thoughtful even if just an awesome card. Think outside of the box and forget candy and flowers. Just make it thoughtful and show you actually spent time on me. After all, all my time is spent on everyone else , so a gift to show y’all can think of me for a change would be nice.
  5. Shiny things! I teach my boys that girls like shiny things whether it be diamonds, gold, silver, or just glitter- we like things that shine! I deserve something shiny & something big. I work my butt off on this family with carpooling, homework, housework, cooking, trying to balance any work I can get and everything else. I work hard and I dont get paid. You, as my husband, work hard too but you get paid. This is my one day to “get aid” and I’d like something to show that. Spoil me for one day! Make me feel like a girl in this house of testosterone!
  6. To spend time as a happy family. It’s not “me” day it’s “mom” day and I want to be with my husband and kids doing something nice. I want no fights (haha), no tears, just a happy family. Being able to be with my mom as well, is a plus and I dont mind being with yours too.
  7. Do something I didnt know I wanted. Clean my minivan inside (boy, it surely needs it), draw me a bath complete with candles & music, plant flowers, just something that will surprise me but doesnt cost anything but thought.
  8. A picture. Not a homemade one although those are nice. I want pictures taken of me and the kids. All year long I take pictures of the family and It’s very rare to find a picture of me since I am always on the other side of the camera. For one day, take pictures of me to remember/mark the day. Let me have proof of Mother’s Day and pictures of me and my kidds.


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