She’s telling me to “Be Celery”?!?!

Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty

 Tell me this isn’t just beautiful! It’s no flower. Nothing “special.” Just cut celery. I saw it and had to snap a picture – unedited in any way. Just there on my counter.

It reminds me of God’s love. I know y’all are wondering how. Think of a full stalk of celery and what it looks like. It’s not all that pretty. It’s usually covered in dirt and needs some serious scrubbing. We usually just peel layers away stalk by stalk and discard what we don’t like and never even see the true beauty in the celery! Look at what God created! He put the celery together in such a way that it’s actually beautiful! Shades of green fading into yellow “petal” after “petal”. It’s like us. We’re messy and we clean ourselves up to make ourselves look and perform like what we think is right, but if you can look deep and maybe in a different way, you can see pure unadulterated beauty in what God has given each of us. We don’t need to change our appearance but just find the beauty within and let it shine! Be a beacon of light in this ever darkening world. 

All in all, yes, be celery!

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