Road Trip: Day 6


We had to start the day on a fairly early note so we couldn’t meet MB for breakfast. We did take his advice from the night before and we headed to The Pancake Place where, in fact, the pancakes are way bigger than your head. In fact, they hang over the plate! Not only ar ethe pancakes a good portion but they are yummy and comes in all kinds of flavors! Mine was a tropical one with shredded coconut, pineapple and bananas. They bring a tray or pancake condiments: A bowl of butter (we are still in Wisconsin, ya know?!), a bowl of strawberry sauce, and a bowl of raspberry sauce. The whipped cream on top of the kids’ pancakes was actual homemade whipped cream too! This place is a serious must-go-to if you’re ever in the Green bay neck of the woods!

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After our bellies were really filled up, we headed on our way across the state to a small pit stop. I made it a point to go to Wisconsin Dairy State Cheese Company in Rudolph, WI. here is a great store with all things cheese and made right there! You can look through the glass and watch them making cheese curds! yum! They have so much stuff to sell and it’s all such an amazing price! No wonder people here tend to be a bit more robust… we would be too if we could afford such fresh, amazing dairy at such a cheap price! 🙂 Fresh curds that squeak in your teeth, total yum. But my find? There is a small ice cream place in the building with local ice cream. I finally found the “legendary” Blue Moon Ice Cream! It’s a very pretty blue.. and tastes like, well, you can research it and see what others think but I definitely say cereal milk of some sort of fruity cereal. It’s strangely good and this particular one came super full of creamy fat goodness. 1 scoop was enough and I so glad I found something you can only get in Wisconsin in a few select places. Score! The cheese we bought was our lunch. 🙂

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Then we were on to our next stop. A brewery tour of Leinenkugel Beer. You know them! They make that Summer Shandy you probably saw everywhere this summer. Leine Lodge is really nice and we got there for the 2nd to last tour which lucky for us included just us! A private tour! Total Score! Our guide was sweet and gave us the full tour and dealt with my inquisitive kids sometimes annoying questions very well. 🙂 It’s a great tour with a nice history. Nothing over different but there was a quiz at the end that stumped the rest of them but I was able to answer, so I won a bottle opener. I probably still would have won it even if our group was a group of 50, the details my brain retains sometimes would fascinate you (especially if you know me and know I forget things from 5 seconds ago). We had to drink our samples rather quickly due to closing but you get 5 samples and then get a glass tester to take home. You do pay a nominal fee for the tour bu  it’s worth it. Kids got soda and all is well. 🙂

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We were then onto our final destination of the evening which was my friend S’s home outside of Minneapolis. We were going to eat before we got there, but she graciously offered us dinner since they hadn’t eaten yet. After a small grilling SAFU, we ate rather late which worked out nicely only because it meant we had that much more time to talk beforehand, and the hubbies got to hang out and “bond”. The kids had fun together, and I really enjoyed the time we spent with this gracious family. We got a later start because the kids were having too much fun! We went to the park near their house and played ball and stuff and eventually, we did have to get going… 🙂 I hope they come to visit us sometime.. hint, hint!

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