Road Trip 2015: Day 11


So after we ate, we started on our way to do who knows what. All we knew is Day 12, we had plans at 3:00 and we had the hotel for tonight near where we needed to be tomorrow. Playing it by ear, we decided to go to the Jack Daniel’s Distillery in Lynchburg, TN. Not that we even drink the stuff, but it’s a different process and thought the kids would enjoy it. We had to wait a little bit (told us 20 minutes and we waited 50) but the tour was pretty cool and our guide was so awesome! We learned a lot of history in general and I am glad we did the tour. We get our picture taken then we get on the bus where it drives us up a hill and around the bend. Then we get off to walk the tour and back to the place we started. Normally at the end of a tour, you get samples.. not here! Oddly, jack Daniels is in a Dry county and cannot sell what it produces! Wild huh? After the tour, we walked to the nearby town to go to the Moon Pie Store! Here we got lots of Moon Pies and Cole got a cool Mon Pie truck. Then we were on our way eating Moon Pies for lunch! 🙂 haha!
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We were on our way to our last hotel of the trip. Spending time with so many allergens was taking its toll on me (and CT too). I had to use my inhaler a few times already. Tommy awesomely got us a super-allergen-friendly room at the Embassy Suites in  Knoxville! It even had a air purifier. I was so excited to feel better. We went down to the Manager’s reception. It has hors d’oeuvres and you get a few drinks. Only problem was there was a dog. Like right by the food. IN a hotel that swore it had a no pet policy. And the thing was yapping. And was a pomeranian and super hairy. And my Allergy-free stay just went down the crapper! My wonderful husband complained so they made her bring her dog back to her room but why on earth was the dog even there? It’s not a service dog and it’s a pet-free hotel! We made special arrangements to be at this particular place for a reason and we’re highly disappointed! The hotel otherwise is great! The food in the restaurant is well priced  and a great value for your money. the quality was excellent as well. Breakfast the next morning was a little less than I was expecting but still was wonderful! I would have given our stay 5-stars since the room was wonderful and all the other stuff I mentioned but the fact there was that dog… it killed it. (Have I mentioned I am HIGHLY allergic?)


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