Apple Nachos & a song we sing at night WAY too often


Want to see kids go nuts? This a plate of apples (3 actually) sliced sort of thin and put on a plate. We then drizzled it with melted marshmallows (liquid fluff), warm caramel, gooey melty peanut butter, and mini chocolate chips. We actually then added some whipped cream just because we could. Anyway… kids went crazy over these. I had 1 small piece. Tom had none. Owen wasn’t even here at the time so 2 kids polished these off really quickly. 🙂 These would be great as a party snack or just when you’re cuddled up on a couch binge-watching TV shows -which reminds me of this gem… If you don’t know Kirby Krackle, I feel sorry for you! just watch the video. I promise that you’ll thank me if you are a binge-watcher!





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