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Zucchini Bread (v. 1)

Tonight I made a healthy zucchini bread. It came out well, so I am going to alter it yet again to make it even healthier because, well, by now you know that’s what I do. The recipe as prepared tonight is below. 🙂 Yummy. ...Read More

Sprite Cupcakes

Sprite cupcakes. That’s right! A luscious, fresh lemon-lime cupcake… Topped with a fizzy lemon-lime buttercream… Decorated with candied lime and lemon zest and candy pearls. Made for a client so not all that healthy but uber yummy! ...Read More

Banana Protein Bread

I stumbled across a recipe on Blueberry Greek Yogurt Banana Bread on Daily Garnish. I loved the idea of using greek yogurt in it to boost the protein level but not happy about some of the other ingredients. In true me fashion, I changed it around 🙂 ...Read More

“What Could Be Simpler” Cookies

Sometimes it’s all about simplicity. On the trek to a healthy rest of our lives, I look for healthy replacements to some of my vices. I gave up most sugar. I’m generally okay with that. Then a certain time comes around. I have pretty severe PMDD ...Read More