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Chickpea Salad Sandwich Filling

Tuna salad is packed with fat and a funky smell. Don’t get me wrong, I love tuna fish salad – thick and laden with mayonnaise… yum! But living healthy requires a slight reboot on that yumminess. Sure I could just switch out the regular ...Read More

Mushroom Beef Pie

I will leave out how many recipes I looked at tonight to try and makeĀ somethingĀ different. how I was missing some ‘key’ ingredient or how I knew someoneĀ wouldĀ complain or just how I was like, “What were they thinking?” What do I do when I come ...Read More

Taco Rice

I am always at a loss with what to do with ground beef. My kids aren’t picky really, but I guess they kind of are. There is usually some kid who wont eat what I make. It’s rare to get all kids to likeĀ theĀ same ...Read More