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French Lentil Soup

This was a simple, quick to make soup that everyone enjoyed! Hubby & Cole thought maybe it could use a little heat/spice but I liked it as is. Hunter had multiple bowls. We had enough for one leftover meal. It was a bit thick ...Read More

Homemade Sun Butter (nut-free)

So while my kids adore anything peanut butter, Owen has had a child in his class with severe allergies for going on his 3rd year (plus the whole preschool was nut-free). Well, he misses peanut butter sandwiches, as does the mom who makes their ...Read More

Road Trip 2015: Day 3

Detroit. That’s Day 3 In a quick nutshell. We stayed just north of it, spent the day in it, and then stayed again just west of it.  We started the day off by going to the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant. I can actually go ...Read More

Road Trip 2015

Tomorrow morning starts our 11 states in 12 days road trip. Locations are a surprise to everyone including hubby except for a few places that we are spending the night. I am nervous and excited for the adventure! Hope y’all don’t get too sick ...Read More

My dream…

I have been blessed with a house, a loving husband, and 3 amazing boys. What else could one want? My dream is to own a restaurant featuring MY food. I want to be able to see he smiles on their faces and talk with ...Read More