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Fall Road Trip 2014 – Summary

12 days. 14 states. 3 boys. I planned activities for just about every day but where to sleep is always in the air. We rely on Priceline to get a cheap room. Anyway, we planned on Friday Night & Saturday night (our 1st 2 ...Read More

Nutty over Granola Bars

I love to make my kids snacks. I know what goes in them. I can alter the ingredients so all 3 kids like them instead of having to buy different varieties to please all. I can make them cheaper than buying them and healthier ...Read More

Penne di Bari

I love to cook Italian. It’s easy, simple, rustic cooking. It’s just natural for me which is odd since I’m only a quarter Italian (I look and sound way more than that though). My relatives are from Bari, Italy. It’s a coastal town right ...Read More

Oatiest Oatmeal Cookies

Here’s one of those recipes I have been making for years but also tweaking for years. I think i finally got it to where everyone loves them! I like my oatmeal cookies to be packed with the oaty flavor and these deliver! They are ...Read More

Brat Soup

Many times, I cook with what I have on hand. I shop sales. I shop red sticker meat from Food Lion. I got a good deal on sausages semi-recently. I bought a package of Sweet Italian Sausages and a Packages of Bratwurst Sausages. I ...Read More

Owen’s TMNT Party

I am so far behind with posts due to track out, snow days, PTA stuff, and now being sick. I did however finally get my party pictures together. One of these days I’ll get a someone to take pictures instead of me trying to ...Read More

Road Trip 2013: Day 3

TUESDAY July 30th, we left NC to head toward Tennessee. On our journey down I-85, we dove into Gaffney, SC – home of the Peachoid! It’s a water tower made into a peach. They apparently needed to color it better in the past because ...Read More

My baby is too much like me :(

Another heartfelt post. Sorry to those that are here for recipes but this is a trying time at our house. I spoke to Cole this morning – like a heart-to-heart talk. He said he has no friends. The kid has social cue issues so ...Read More

Vegan Spaghetti Sauce

I bought TVP from a bin a bit back but didnt use it. At 5:00 one evening, I realized I should probably start thinking about dinner. It has been awhile since we had pasta so, pasta it was but we needed to amp up ...Read More