Road Trip 2015: day 9

After stuffing our faces, we were on our way to stop #1 which had them all wondering what was going on as the GPS led us right into a cemetery. I assured them this was the place – the looks on their faces were ...Read More

Road Trip 2015: Day 8

So after we packed ourselves up with breakfast, we headed out on a busy & fun day. First stop was in Walcott, IA for the I-80 Trucking Museum. This place was free and it was awesome! It’s a museum all about big-rig history and ...Read More

Road Trip: Day 7

After a late start due to enjoying our time with S & her family, we went to the nearby Mall of America. How can we not go to the largest mall? We can’t! My kids are still clueless on the magnitude of the actual ...Read More

Road Trip: Day 6

We had to start the day on a fairly early note so we couldn’t meet MB for breakfast. We did take his advice from the night before and we headed to The Pancake Place where, in fact, the pancakes are way bigger than your ...Read More

Road Trip: Day 5

We ate breakfast at the hotel and were on our way to our first stop. Today was a day of factory tours.  We pulled up to the Jelly Belly Tour in Pleasant Prairie, WI. Let me say first that this is not the MAIN ...Read More

Road Trip 2015: Day 4

Today was a good day. We left my friend’s place after many hugs and were on our way to Chelsea, MI. I silly-enough forgot to make a reservation at stop #1, so we got breakfast & tom made the phone call. We went to ...Read More

Road Trip 2015: Day 3

Detroit. That’s Day 3 In a quick nutshell. We stayed just north of it, spent the day in it, and then stayed again just west of it.  We started the day off by going to the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant. I can actually go ...Read More

Road Trip 2015: Day 2

Not sure where to go/what to do on Day 2, we started our drive towards Pittsburgh while I figured out if it were feasible to go there. today was going to be one of the “drive days” meaning, I apologized in advance for the ...Read More

Road Trip 2015: Day 1

We left our home the morning of Friday the 24th of July. Headed towards our destination for the night which was outside of the DC-area. After getting up that way, I decided to go to the National Air and Space Museum, Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center ...Read More

Road Trip 2015: Overview

12 days. 11 states. Family of 5. No electronics. Super-tight budget. Oh, and a whole lot of curiosity since only I knew where we were headed! That, folks, is how we did Road Trip 2015! How did we do so much with so little? ...Read More