Monthly Archive:: February 2013

Zuppa di Fagiolo

I needed a quick dinner which is odd since I was in the middle of a cooking storm (I pre-prepare dinners by putting ingredients together in one bag to add to a slow cooker or half cooked to finish cooking at a later date – all ...Read More

Cracker Brei?

Yeah, t’s me again with another weird recipe. I grew up on Long Island. I grew up in in a community that was about half Jewish. So what you say? That means I got exposed to some awesome food. Fresh, real Jewish cooking. I love Hamantaschen. ...Read More

Fresh Toast Waffle

Yeah, I went there. I took a lightly toasted frozen waffle, dipped it in french toast egg mixture, then cooked it like I normally do and oh yeah! It was awesome! Here’s the thing, the flavor possibilities are numerous and can get as healthy ...Read More

Adventure Time Party!

Ok, I thought I was getting away easy when my now 5-year old changed his mind on the theme of his birthday party. At first he wanted a – get this – Team Umizoomi Star Wars party! I was confused at the idea BUT ...Read More