Monthly Archive:: July 2013

My baby is too much like me :(

Another heartfelt post. Sorry to those that are here for recipes but this is a trying time at our house. I spoke to Cole this morning – like a heart-to-heart talk. He said he has no friends. The kid has social cue issues so ...Read More

Lead by example

Occasionally, I will post “mom stuff.” This is, after all, Food Geek Mom! Being a parent is tough. I know y’all are saying “duh,” but I mean it really is. Even when you think you’re doing it right, you could probably be doing it better. ...Read More

Vegan Spaghetti Sauce

I bought TVP from a bin a bit back but didnt use it. At 5:00 one evening, I realized I should probably start thinking about dinner. It has been awhile since we had pasta so, pasta it was but we needed to amp up ...Read More