Official: 15 pounds lighter

Today marks a huge milestone on my health journey. I’m officially 15 pounds lighter. I know I gained muscle along the way too. I’m at the Y for close to 80 minutes working out – (treadmill on fat-burning mode with a minimum pace of 4.0 mph that’s not including me ramping it up to a 6, 7, 8 or even 9 mph jog/run every once in awhile to get myself  pushing harder and helping build that cardio or when I make the incline go from 3.5 to 10 to again, push myself) – 5 days a week. Food is whole and made in a very healthful way. I drink tons more water and not much else. I am proud of myself. This is the first time, barring pregnancy, that I have been able to lose weight without prescribed medication in over 15 years! I’m proud of my hubby who is down over 20 pounds and who is sticking to the meal changes as well. Thank you God for giving us the strength and the knowledge to get where we are on our health journey. 15 pounds down…. goal is to drop another 40…. not sure how realistic that is but we’ll see.

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