Watermelon Oreos?


So I was in Target with OC. He saw these and said he wanted them. I love anything watermelon but Oreos? I kinda cringed and might have gagged a bit at the thought. I re-questioned him and he was SURE he wanted them. Not being on sale and without a coupon I was REALLY hesitant but I caved and bought them. When we got home, he begged to try them (hey, at least he waited until we got home before he asked). I opened the package and Voila! 
IMG_5278Very pretty cookies. 
Smelled yummy.
Still slightly nauseated by the thought.
Gave one to OC.
He LOVED it!
Now it was my turn….. wow! They are awesome!
I took one bite, looked at the nutritional label… promptly spit out what was in my mouth & handed the rest of the cookie to OC.
That’s 6 grams of fat for TWO cookies! It’s o not worth it for me, personally.. but those are awesome and I could (before changing  my diet)   pound a bunch of these and be a very happy camper.

VERDICT: These are awesome but with the dye and preservatives, they are a one-shot buy for this house. I will keep the idea in my head to make a healthy version though because I am just that kind of person!

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