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The Day before Easter (aka Holy Saturday), we went to Richland Creek Community Church for their annual Block Party & Egg Hunt. Afterward, we went strawberry picking at Hunt’s Strawberry Farm here in Raleigh. We bought 2 large buckets which weighed a total of just under 20 pounds ...Read More


I picked up a packet of Ball’s  RealFruit instant pectin to have on hand about a month ago and I found a use for it today. Following the recipe on the back, I made the quickest jam. I wasn’t super pleased with the results in that it didn’t gel up ...Read More


This can be stored for about 3 weeks in the fridge, although it can be frozen up to a year. You can use it atop ice cream or pancakes/waffles. You can use it to drizzle over cheesecake, pound cake, or angel food cake. You can add ...Read More


I hate to spend money on chocolate syrup. I don’t like most cheaper brands and even with sales and coupons, it’s an expense I hate to pay for. Plus, the ingredients aren’t the best. Step into my life homemade chocolate syrup. BHG originally published this recipe some 40+ years ago. ...Read More


Muddy Buddies.Puppy Chow.Whatever you call it, it’s a glorious snack!It’s Chex, butter, peanut butter, chocolate, and powdered sugar. It got so popular to make at home, Chex actually sells it bagged! I’ve made it numerous times and it’s just SO DARN GOOD! Only negative thing? Nut allergies! It’s hard ...Read More


These are CT’s favorite cookie – this particular recipe is, I should say. Everyone loves these. They are best the day of and next day but don’t hold up as well in my opinion. They are still super easy and yummy though. Nothing like a fresh ...Read More